I didn’t paint a lot last year. Mostly because I was working full time and also because I’ve got several pieces that are almost finished but not quite. So close but they didn’t make it into last years tally. So I have eight paintings finished in 2020, some of which I still need to put Read More

Didn’t you just love Game of Thrones? And then the ending happened and now no one really even talks about the show anymore even though it was considered, for a while, the best show ever made. I have to admit I didn’t hate the ending as much as other people did and I even enjoyed Read More

Drawing on canvas, stretched and ready to hang. Signed on the back. High quality charcoal drawing on a round light weight canvas.From an ongoing series where I take children’s toys and reinvent them as works of art.Children’s toys are magical and special and by recreating them as giant size only highlights their joy. Read More

High quality charcoal drawing on a light weight canvas. Framed.Huge recreations of sonic screwdrivers from Dr Who, depicting Eleventh’s and River Song’s sonic screwdrivers. I sold this piece at Supanova 2018. It was a personal favourite and I was sad to see it go but delighted that it sold to someone who loves the 11th Read More

Abbey Road Beatles leather jacket

When I was thinking about painting the Abbey Road album cover on a leather jacket I didn’t quite know how I was going to do it. It was in my head as a vague idea of something I could try but I really didn’t know if I could pull it off. Or even what I’d Read More

Our art collection grows slowly. A limited edition Dr. Seuss print arrived today. Bought when we were last in Melbourne. I’ve suggested we need another one so both the girls get one each as part of their inheritance. It hangs proudly in our lounge room were we can see it every day. If you’ve never Read More