Jacquie Hughes is an up and coming artist based in Perth, Western Australia. A self-taught painter, she began painting in 2015 and started honing her craft to focus on subjects such as people, animals and landscapes in 2019. Previously, her works mainly consisted of charcoal abstracts and drawings, but she has since moved on to working primarily with colourful and contemplative acrylics on canvas. By viewing Jacquie’s work you are stepping into the world she has created inside her head, filled with carefully selected hues inspired by nature and imaginary landscapes; and with creatures of exaggerated sizes expertly placed to draw in the viewers’ attention. Her brush strokes flow smoothly over every piece with care and grace, bringing to life every scene as if the viewer was transported there themselves in a dream.

Her use of acrylics is relaxed and alluring. She expertly weaves in both the real and the whimsical to present a delightful spectacle in each piece. Each romantic setting is sure to whisk you away to a daydream world of captivating colours. From the deep, forest greens encompassing her brilliant take on the flora and fauna of the world around her, to the rich and mesmerizing ocean blues that carry her paintings to otherworldly heights of bliss, and the firefly luminescent oranges that give life to the moon and all its potential phases in many of her pieces, you are bound to come across a creation that speaks directly to your soul and stirs your emotions. Witnesses of her work are drawn into each piece’s scenery and the atmosphere of pure bliss Jacquie is able to evoke, drawing upon her creative strengths to transfer feelings of comfort and joy directly to each observer. “My work encapsulates the breath-taking characteristics you would imagine in a marvellous realm of fantasy and dreams. The mind is a fascinating place where you can envision endless possibilities. I found the perfect way to capture my thoughts and imaginations by brushing them out on canvas for the world to see,” she states, in regards to her artistry. She transmits her own feelings right onto each piece itself, breathing a personality into it that each onlooker may interpret in their own way. 

Jacquie partly uses her own home for inspiration, where she resides with her husband and two children. Although equipped with a beautiful garden and her own personal space to create each canvas, she still allows her imagination and the universe inside her mind to take over in the creative process. Her artwork has been sold in Europe, America and all over Australia. It’s possible to take home a stunning original piece by Jacquie, either through the Bluethumb online gallery or the yearly Art Upmarket in Western Australia.

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